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Wix's new Premium Plans

Updated: May 6, 2023

This rollout applies to the U.S. only and will roll out later this year for most countries. These changes already apply to regular Wix users, but you and your clients have a grace period until June 5, 2023.

Wix's new Premium Plans 2023
Wix's new Premium Plans 2023

Over the years we’ve grown our platform’s capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of you and your clients, with advanced design features, tailored eCommerce, SEO tools, marketing solutions, dev tools and complex functionalities.

We are continually testing and optimizing our platform to learn exactly what you and your clients need, including rolling out powerful new advancements like Advanced Infrastructure Capabilities and Wix Enterprise, announced earlier this year.

To reflect the evolution of our platform, we’ve restructured all Wix Premium plans and on June 5, 2023, we will launch a new selection of plans. Our new plans represent the growing complexity of sites that Partners are building and a diverse range of client needs.

Please note: This rollout applies to the U.S. only and will roll out later this year for most countries. These changes already apply to regular Wix users, but you and your clients have a grace period until June 5, 2023 to make any necessary adjustments and to allow you to complete any in-progress sales in your funnel without needing to requote potential customers. For now, existing plans won’t be affected, as long as auto-renewal is turned on.

Here’s what’s changing

  • We’ve restructured our offering into 5 segmented Premium plans: Light, Core, Business, Business Elite and Enterprise. Each new plan has been rebuilt with clearly defined capabilities, making it easier for you and your clients to view and compare plans at a glance.

  • All plans now include access to marketing tools that were previously part of the Ascend Premium plans, such as: lead-capture forms, social media marketing and automations. Send up to 200 emails a month for free, or increase your clients’ quota by purchasing a standalone email marketing package.

  • For clients needing custom web solutions or tailored eCommerce we’ve created Business Elite, an entirely new plan built around a powerful new offering: Advanced Infrastructure Capabilities. This set of products and capabilities is designed to enhance the resources and computing power of any site.

An overview of our new plans

​Light The Light plan ( $16 /month) presents an ideal solution for establishing an online presence. It provides fundamental features such as complimentary hosting, a personalized domain and 24/7 customer support. Site owners can add 1 collaborator (teammates under the same Team Management account count as 1 collaborator) and have access to marketing tools like automations and lead capture forms. Sites on this plan cannot accept payments. Learn more about the Light plan → Core The Core plan ( $27 /month) is best for small businesses that need to accept payments, take bookings and sell online. On this plan you’ll get access to eCommerce solutions designed to maximize conversions. Sell on social channels and marketplaces, accept pre-orders and customer deposits, sell branded digital gift cards and activate abandoned cart recovery automations. Sites on this plan can also add a POS integration to sell in-person or online. Connect to a suite of marketing tools, including Wix Chat, and add up to 5 site collaborators on this plan. Learn more about the Core plan → Business The Business plan ( $32 /month) is best for medium and large businesses requiring a wider range of capabilities. Sites on this plan can connect advanced shipping SPIs for custom rates and custom shipping providers, sell in up to 5 additional currencies, sync up to 250 dropshipping products with Modalyst, sell branded physical gift cards with Wix POS and get automated sales tax for up to 100 transactions. Get up to 100GB of storage, add up to 10 hours of video content and invite up to 10 site collaborators. Learn more about the Business plan →

Business Elite The Business Elite plan ( $159 /month) is best for high-traffic businesses who need custom functionality and want access to the platform’s most advanced features. On this plan we’re introducing Advanced Infrastructure Capabilities, a set of new products and enhanced capabilities tailored for complex data-heavy and backend-heavy sites. With more computing power and more data resources you can build unique sites that match your client’s specific needs and provide an elevated customer experience. For eCommerce, you’ll have advanced capabilities that allow you to design an exceptional storefront and customize the back end for the ideal selling experience. You can extend checkout functionality, sync any size catalog, and add APIs for custom solutions for everything from ERPs to fulfillment services. Learn more about the Business Elite plan →

Enterprise The Enterprise plan (Custom pricing) offers large-scale businesses the agility they need—enabling them to launch exceptional sites faster, manage better, and work more freely by removing resource constraints and dependency bottlenecks. Enterprise includes everything Wix has to offer, and more. With an exclusive multisite dashboard, companies get access to account-level tools that boost efficiency, as well as centralized management of assets, account data, SSO, and more. It also offers the customization capabilities and integrations that large businesses require, dedicated account management, priority support and a 99.99% uptime SLA. Learn more about Wix Enterprise → Finally, it’s important to note that Partners of all levels are eligible to earn 50% revenue share on purchases of Business Elite and Enterprise plans in 2023, including their renewals, as long as they meet the requirements for qualifying for revenue share.

Until these updates go live, you can view the complete details of all new Premium plans in our downloadable PDF.


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