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Updating an Editor X Site to the Studio Editor

Editor X is transitioning to Wix Studio, the web creation platform for agencies and enterprises.

Update your Editor X sites to the Studio Editor to access powerful new design features. The update process is seamless—no rebuild required, and the live site stays exactly the same.

Updating a site from Editor X to the Studio Editor

When an Editor X site is ready for the update, a pop-up appears as soon as you open the editor. Once you confirm the update to Wix Studio, the site moves over within minutes. 

Before you begin:

  • Close any other editor tabs that are open. In addition, make sure no one else is working on the site right now. 

  • Only site owners can perform the update. We're working on making this option available for co-owners as well. 

  • (Safari only) The Studio Editor supports Safari version 15 and up.

To update a site:

  1. Open the relevant site in Editor X. 

  2. (In the pop-up) Click Next.

  3. Click Update to Wix Studio. Tip: The update may take a few minutes to complete. 

  4. (In the Studio Editor) Choose what to do next:

  • Browse Tutorials: Watch video tutorials to help you get acquainted with the new Studio Editor. Tip: These videos are always available for you to go back to. In the editor, click the Video Tutorials icon  at the bottom left.

  • Start Working: Exit the pop-up to explore the new and enhanced Studio Editor on your own. We recommend checking panels like the Inspector and Add Elements to see what's new. 


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